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CTrax is a revolutionary new product that significantly reduces the time and expense required to properly manage Certificates of Insurance.  The autofill component is the magical system that allows users to take a hands-off approach to the document management process.  This is accomplished through the invaluable use of OCR technology that reads and comprehends documents scanned into the system.  Enabling all fields and blank spaces to get instantly populated with the correct information.  This is because the system understands which fields require data input and populates them based on the predefined information that the user recorded into the system.

CTrax runs the COIs through its system in order to check their validity.  During this process, the program records all of the dates associated with the COI so that it can automatically provide reminders and send out status emails.  Also, the system will send out renewal requests, which upon return, will be automatically stored and updated into its database.  The only time that manual intervention and user input is required is if the essential information was not properly provided into the system, the uploaded document is unsupported, or if the source document did not have a high enough quality.  In the rare event that a document does require manual input, it’s quick and easy so that the defect is immediately remedied.

The autofill component is the next step after the OCR process that makes the system so extraordinary.  It defines CTrax’s ability to request, store, and update COIs with minimal input at no less than ninety percent accuracy.  What’s more, is that CTrax also files and organizes all information into a user-friendly system that is extremely accessible.  Users can quickly find any document through the global search bar, which will generate results based on any full/partial search of information.  With CTrax, users are freed from the process of having to manually track and manage COIs by allowing JDi Data’s automated system to do the work for them.

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