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coi tracking software

Certificate Of Insurance Tracking Solution | Coi Tracking Software


By spending less time on the COI task, you are essentially mitigating risk. Because everything in CTrax is automatic, users alleviate any hazard that may occur to COI documents. The assistance of the key components, provide users they with a worry-free mind state. Mitigating risk is important to all companies.

Certificate Of Insurance Tracking Solution

For example if a company hires a contractor for a job it is important to have the the COI for that contractor. If something unfortunately happens on the job, say damage to the property. The COI can easily be tracked through CTrax and the damage will be

Having the COI in place will help protect the company from the liability that the subcontractor’s work performed. Being proactive when it comes to partnership with vendors makes the workflow and run smoothly as all parties know and take on their own responsibilities towards the overall goal.

CTrax will save you time thus saving you money on you or your risk managers time. Reallocating that time towards more  tasks can result in a more effective work week. Removing human error can also prevent errors of natural occurrence from getting held up on other tasks or forgetting to remind vendors, can save you the ultimate future headache.


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